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says he was threatened. listen to this from lanny davis, former advisor to president clinton. >> that exact thing happened to me and i haven't spoken of this before. stuart: that's quite a threat made by the administration to lanny davis. that's the obama administration to lanny davis. what are you reading between the lines, charles? charles: you know, it's interesting when people come out and start to be honest about things, you know, no one has a better -- lanny has a tremendous reputation. bob woodward has a great reputation. and it's interesting that the media is so focused on the disintegration of the republican party, but they are starting to be there a little bit of friction between the democratic party as well. stuart: i think the media will start pushing back now. they are going after their own. liz: it is also reminiscent remember before the election last year david axelrod reportedly threatening gallup for publishing unfavorable poll results about the president. and the department of justice threatening to sue gallup essentially because they possibly mischarged the
tell you that. this is not jack kennedy. bill clinton did a great job as well. this isn't even bill clinton. the policies they have put into place are antigrowth. stuart: are we headed into a recession? >> i don't know. the fourth quarter 2012, all we need is one more quarter down and that would be the official definition of a recession, so we are close. i think it is pretty rocky, to be honest with you, for the next year. i don't agree with the president, although i would love him to be right and we get very good growth, but i think this next year will be a very tough year. stuart: art laffer joining us from the retirement capital of america, tennessee. is that true? >>> no, we're all hard working people. that is all, stuart. stuart: thank you, art. the dow down 100 points, off 101. that is what happens when you threaten to raise taxes. bowling streamliner remains grounded. now you can let the finger-pointing begin according to "the seattle times." engineers blame the battery problems on the outsourced supply chain. those engineers say poor quality components are coming from subcon
by this place, to the clinton thousand square feet. sally's is 1500, 4500, this company has done an amazing job. the ceo quit almost abruptly. the cfo 5 months ago. that is a rare flag on wall street but here is the thing just rubin left to go to the company called michael's arts and crafts twice as big and this guy is a hired gun. team a $11 million in 2010 in the top 20. he went for the money. i don't think was an indictment against this company. in the meantime you have a fragmented industry, whole bunch of beauty salons and its beauty supply stores, they are going to have a model that is not unlike a model of the revolutionized video game retails for others. i love this stock, i love the company. the yellow flag when the cfo and ceo leave but created an amazing opportunity. anyone that has been there tells me it is amazing. stuart: 10,000 square feet? what is this? charles: typical store. [talking over each other] charles: from the outside you are odd. fragmented industry $100 billion, $41 billion for is a long and fifty-one billion for the beauty supply, emerging them is a great idea and a
losing manufacturing until a democrat, president clinton, and then you had companies that rushed for the cheap. stuart: but you don't want to have the american government support american manufacturers to keep jobs here, or do you? >> i do. trade policies, fair trade, i can't ship tires to china without paying a duty. i can't ship them to brazil. you can't ship. it is the same all over. if you are going to charge me -- you want fair trade? if they charge duty, we charge a duty. otherwise you put with american workers. stuart: the chinese tires come to america duty free? >> they were. and we sued. i have to go to washington. you have to hire the lawyers. pay 7 million. and then we have a trial. we prove it. so they slapped the duties on. stuart: what do you make of the state of america's economy? we have been talking this morning that it is the wal-mart economy, slow growth, high tax, big debt, slow growth. we keep hearing that. what do you make of it? >> well, whenever you have -- whether you look at most of the states, they are in trouble. our president is from chicago. the whol
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4